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We are pleased to be in charge of curating the participation of the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) at Lisbon Design Week’24, presenting a special dynamic of your Art Store, Books & Living.
In this unique collaboration, MNAC highlights the importance of contemporary design in the artistic and cultural expression of Portugal. Through careful curation, we highlight national brands and designers that represent some of the best of the country's creative talent.

Join us in this celebration of Portuguese design, where tradition meets innovation and creativity becomes an expression of national identity.

Workshops, Masterclasses,
Presentations, Talks.

It's all about Design!
Sophisticated. Natural. Contemporary. Sustainable.
Recycled. Industrial. Slow. Circular.
Minimalist. Organic. Vintage. Futurist. Artistic. Technological. Ethnic. Functional.

Come and discover the diversity of Portuguese Design, from sophisticated to natural, from contemporary to sustainable, from recycled to industrial, from slow to circular, and discover the stories behind each creation. Come and enjoy the living design, its authors and their stories, who defines our current culture and identity.



22 May – 10h . 18h

Mokki design
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22/5 . 10.45H – MOKKI DESIGN
Mokki Design is a Lighting Brand, as well as a furniture and objects brand. In this Conversation with Mónica and Nazaré you will learn about their story, and your creative process.

SLOW maos

22/5 . 11.30H – SLOW
Slow is a brand of natural products dedicated to slowing down and promoting a more conscious treatment of the world. Come and see how it is done in this Presentation.


22/5 . 12.15H – CORKBRICK
Corkbrick creates sustainable modular structures so that anyone can create their own space or furniture. Come and discover the purpose of the brand and product.

Azulcer TiagoCordeiro
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22/5 . 14.30H – AZULCER
In this presentation, to Azulcer will show how a small artisanal tile factory reaches beyond borders through the art of its know-how, recognized by one of the greatest Portuguese artists.

Reshape 1
Reshape 7 jpg

22/5 . 15.15H – RESHAPE.CERAMICS
Reshape Ceramics creates and produces unique ceramic pieces in a social support model. In this Presentation, Sónia Ferreira will expose a little of the brand's creative process.

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resk8 1

22/5 . 16.00H – RE.SK8
Re.SK8 makes furniture and accessories from broken skateboards. In this Workshop Francisco Varela will show his technique and creativity.

CORQUE Lagarta Stool Ana Mestre SUSDESIGN CREATIVE DIRECTOR 1 e1713907365386

22/5 . 17.15H – SUSDESIGN
Susdesign is a brand that combines in its genesis the use of natural and low-impact materials. In this Masterclass, designer Ana Mestre will explain how.

23 May – 10h . 18h

Joana Beirao

23/5 . 10.00H – PORTUGAL FAZ BEM
Come and watch the presentation about Portugal Faz Bem, in a sharing conversation, where there will be no shortage of topics on Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking.

Stork 1
stork 1 1

23/5 . 11.30H – STORK
Stork is the perfect symbiosis between Natural Stone and Cork. In this Masterclass, they will expose it's partnership with Olivah, the stone innovation world.

Olivah 11 1

23/5 . 11.30H – OLIVAH
Olivah looks at stones from the inside, beyond what is gross. In this Masterclass, they will expose it's partnership with Stork, the stone innovation world.

oficina166 2
oficina166 3

23/5 . 14.30H – OFICINA 166
Oficina 166 has thread as its raw material and is the result of a life change dedicated to textile art. In this Conversation, Diana Cunha will tell you how her Brand was born and has grown.

Feltrando 1

23/5 . 15.15H – FELTING
Inspired by local tradition, to Felting is a company dedicated to felt, raw material that has been a cultural and economic symbol in the northern region of Portugal.

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23/5 . 16.00H – FLOWCO
Flowco solves the waste problem from the beginning of the value chain. In this Masterclass, António and Sebastião will explain a little bit about their production process.

Catarina Darono
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23/5 . 16.45H – DARONO
Darono recovers industrial waste to develop textile furniture, for indoor and outdoor. In this conversation, we propose a sharing of ideas about upcyling concepts, preservation of crafts and value chains.

Founders DAMfurniture
dam Portugal faz bem

23/5 . 17.30H – DAM
Dam is a brand of furniture and accessories. In this Workshop, Joana and Hugo will show you how they work with cork and wood in their pieces.

24 May – 10h . 12h

MNAC Design Talks


Who said that Digital Marketing is not a museum theme??
It is with great enthusiasm that we dedicate this day to exploring the interconnections between Design and Digital Marketing! To do this, we have prepared two moments that you won't want to miss.!

24/5 – Friday, 10h.00h

Masterclass Digital Trends – The Future Consumer

Pedro Batalha and Filipa Caldeira by NEST – Tourism Innovation Center

Come and experience a moment of immersion in the world of Digital Trends that are shaping the future of the online market, attending an Online Masterclass in person with valuable insights, about the latest advances in technology and consumer behavior, with the name “Digital Trends and the Consumer of the Future”.
It will be a moment that will serve as a motto for the conversation that will follow., in which we will talk about how to achieve success for Brands, not current digital environment.

24/5 – Friday, 11h.00h

Creativity and Strategies between Design and Digital Marketing

Marco Gouveia – Digital Marketing Consultant – MARCO GOUVEIA

Entusiasta do Search e Marketing Digital, started as a Community Manager before specializing in SEM. His successes include a prominent blog and positions at Páginas Amarelas and Pestana Hotel Group. Founder of his consultancy company and training school, Marco accumulates awards and experience as CEO, trainer and author, and recently launched the Complete Guide to Digital Marketing in Portugal.

We prepared a conversation with him, about the challenges resulting from the interaction between Design and Digital Marketing in the continuous construction of brands in digital times, where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) e do SMO (Social Media Optimization).

25 May – 16h . 19h

MNAC Design Talks


Conversations about the connections between Design and Museums, to Cities and Organizations, moderated by Dr. Emília Ferreira, Director of MNAC and Joana Beirão, founder of the Portugal Faz Bem platform.

25/5 – Saturday, 16h.00h

The Design, Collections, Museums and Shops.

Barbara Coutinho, Director of the Design and Fashion Museum – MUDE;
Paulo Parra, Designer Industrial and Collector;
Sergio Guerreiro, Senior Director of Turismo de Portugal.

25/5 – Saturday, 17h.30h

Design in Cities, in Excellence and Organizations.

Michele Fajtmann, OrganizationLisbon Design Week;
Francisco Carvalheira, Secretary General ofLaurel – Portuguese Association of Brands of Excellence;
Rui TomasDesigner of Product;
Pedro Janeiro, Partner tooDesignThinkers Agency.


In the heart of Lisbon and in the Quarteirão das Artes Chiado stands the National Museum of Contemporary Art, a place where time and creativity are in perfect harmony. Since its foundation in 1911, driven by the wealth of national and foreign works from the mid-19th century onwards, until its reopening in 1994, the MNAC has been a beacon of artistic and cultural exploration. With an unwavering commitment to the study and expansion of its collections, the museum delves into the depths of Portuguese history and artistic expression, since the middle of the 19th century, until today.

Through a meticulously prepared exhibition program, the MNAC weaves a network of connections between past and present, offering an engaging and enriching experience for audiences of all ages, and levels of artistic appreciation. Next to the Educational Service, the museum strives to reach a diverse spectrum of visitors, each one invited to delve into the wonders of the contemporary world of art.

ABOUT THE STORE – Art, Books and Living

In the heart of the Quarteirão das Artes Chiado, A new experience is born in Lisbon’s cultural scene: the first museum store national home to renowned brands of national design and production. This pioneering space, not only offers a careful selection of products, from industry to manufacturing, but also promotes a vibrant program of events, throughout the year, including the Portugal Faz Bem Meetings, dedicated to revealing the stories and inspirations behind each brand.

With a privileged location and integrating local cultural programming, the museum shop is an unmissable destination for those looking for a true celebration of talent, and Portuguese creativity.

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