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On the Portuguese Brands website you already know that you can find the best of Portuguese production every day in Brands, Factories, Shops, Visits and Events. Now you can also find our Special Offers!

This is a Shop of Products, Services and Unique Experiences that we have started and as of today already has the first nine proposals, to which we hope to add many more!

The DAM brand was one of those that readily joined our initiative, so we explained that the store’s main objective is to promote products and services that are eminently sustainable – making products available in an Outlet model is one of them, and together we created 3 proposals for products from the brand created by designers Joana and Hugo, using materials in stock.

Visit all the Special Offers.


Founders DAMfurniture


There are new Factories on the Portugal Faz Bem’ Map. Every day we travel through Portuguese production, from industry to manufacturing, with the aim of mapping and giving more visibility to what Portugal does well.

We’re sure there are many more to map, 41 are already part of it!
These days we’re focusing on ceramics.


Matcerâmica pieces and image.

If you would like to be a part of it, or perhaps nominate a factory, brand or store selling Portuguese products, please get in touch via our digital channels, or if you prefer, email!


We couldn’t stay away from Euro 2024 and took the topic to an article on our blog.

Before that, we publicized City Cortex, which brought new Cork pieces to both banks of the River Tagus, in Belém and Trafaria, and we went to visit them and even did a Reel.

If you already follow us on Instagram, you’ve certainly seen everything there! 🤗

city cortex 2


We have an appointment for May 2025.
We can no longer do without taking part in Lisbon Design Week.